facts + figures

  • overview

    there has never been a more exciting time for students of emily carr university.

    our vision for our campus at great northern way on the false creek flats of vancouver, bc is a place so extraordinary that it celebrates the creativity of the human spirit in all its forms of expression. this is the first purpose-built institution of art + design in canada and is unlike anything seen before, captivating and motivating a new generation of thinkers, creators and makers as well as welcoming the community at large to experience all that we are.

    read our 8 principles of design for the great northern way campus

  • snapshot

    students are at the centre of a dynamic, creative environment:

    • four faculties and two areas that deliver our academic programs:
      • eleven undergraduate degrees
      • two graduate degrees
      • a jointly-offered master of digital media
      • year-round certificates, programs and classes for lifelong creative study delivered from various locations
      • canada's most intensive research focus in the creative field
    • an interdisciplinary faculty + staff who contribute to advance the interests of community, culture, and the economy sustainably, through their professional and personal practices in art, design and media education, research, and administration
    • a dedicated centre for aboriginal cultural development
    • public galleries, a bookstore, and an extensive art, design, and media library
  • statistics

    the community enjoyed an exciting 2016/'17 academic year:

    • 1,869 full time students studied in our graduate and undergraduate programs, and within this number
      • 471 were international students from 51 countries around the world (incl. in ft #)
      • 41 were exchange students from 9 different countries (incl. in ft #)
      • 144 participated in our co-op programs
    • 1,855 full- and part-time students studied in our certificate and continuing studies programs
    • 186 continuing and sessional faculty were employed
    • 117 staff members were employed
    • 56 administrators were employed, including excluded positions
    • 104 research partners collaborated with us from industry and community
    • 77 external and industry partners participated in our co-op education program for students
    • 3 canada research chairs have opened their studios and labs at ecu since 2014
    • 2 audain distinguished artists in residence visited our university
  • milestones

    the university continues to add to its list of key dates:

    formerly known as the vancouver school of applied and decorative arts, our institution was officially established on october 1, 1925. in 1978, it was designated a provincial institute before moving to granville island in 1980. a second building on granville island opened in 1994, and the following year, emily carr was granted authority to offer bachelor degrees and honorary degrees. in 2001, finning international donated a parcel of land to four institutions - emily carr, sfu, ubc and bcit - in what is now known as the great northern way campus. in 2006, emily carr launched a master of applied arts degree, and opened intersections digital studios, the home of research within the university, significantly expanding the university's research capabilities. in 2008, the school was granted university status and in 2013, the master of design degree was launched. the university officially broke ground in 2015 for a new state-of-the-art campus at great northern way.

    see our history + evolution for more detail.

  • contributions

    we are wired to make positive change:

    we live in a digital universe experienced in the context of a material world.

    at emily carr we thrive on this conceptual tension and we experiment, striving to make better sense of it through compelling work for the greater good. the intersection of art, design and media gives us license to explore, building unlimited capacity to forge vibrant social ventures and relationships in service to community, culture and economy. our curriculum, technologies, research, and ties foster transformational partnerships and real-world opportunities for all of our students.

    emily carr university attracts, retains, and enriches people and organizations empowered by creative thinking to go beyond the status quo.

    through study, research and practice emily carr university develops creative citizens of art, design + media, known throughout the world as exceptional people, problem solvers and leaders, with impressive agility, influence and employability across disciplines, locally and internationally.

    recognized globally for a history of leadership in the creative fields, emily carr has built a state-of-the-art new facility, canada’s first purpose-built centre for visual arts, design, and media arts education and research. we are activated and engaged by this recognition of our social practice and influence and invite new opportunities for collaboration in the expansion of our reach, contribution, facilities and creative citizenry. together as a community, we will continue to add exceptional value to critical inquiry, sustainability, and cultural development.

study, explore, and build with us.